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Our Company


We manufacture special inks for flexographic and gravure printing suitable for flexible surfaces, as well as varnishes and diluents.
We market Pantone® catalogues and quality measurement tools for inks and substrates 

Our products are highly-prestigious among the most demanding ink converters; we offer consulting services and development of new products.

We market the most important brands of our industry; our main concern is to meet the needs of the bordering countries and Central America.

The company’s main goal is “continuous improvement”, this is why we are constantly assisting our clients and along with our post sale service we can get a feedback on the weaknesses and strengths in our products.

Thus, we obtain a mutual benefit, a reliable and high quality product, especially in the dynamic ever changing technology of flexography printing system.


Cotigraf S.A. was founded in 1971 by Don Abel Oscar Girard, a competent man with a long career on graphic arts, first in printing and then in formulating and manufacturing graphic inks.

We have been in the printing market since the flexible surface appeared in our country and we have permanently fit our client technology advancements and further.


1971 – Cotigraf S.A. is founded by Don Abel Oscar Girard as ARCOR’s S.A main provider.

1976 – The company adds an experimented Technical Director.
Cotigraf S.A. begins the investigation and development of new products according to the demand of a growing market.

1977 – Development of the first inks for flexible surfaces, which was just appearing in our industry. Manufacture of the first lamination ink.

1980 – Development of inks to go with the newly incorporated laminators to the market of converters.

1983 – Development of special inks to apply on TRENEL, Polyester and aluminum.

1984 – Full time commitment to new product development for flexible surfaces.

1989 – Ceasing of all unsuitable products for flexible surfaces.

1995 – Reinforcement of manufacture and providing inks and aids for flexible surfaces, both for front printing and/or lamination.

1999 – The Company certifies its elaboration and manufacture processes to ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance.

2002 – After a great crisis in our country, the company slowly recovers its production levels.

2005 – The company recovers its best production levels reaching those of 1998, year in which the highest levels were registered.

Our Company

Cotigraf S.A.
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